Dirty Dave

Dirty Dave "No Laughing, No Smiling"

Dirty Dave “No Laughing, No Smiling”

The Biker Calendar website is dedicated to Dirty Dave Davis, the keeper of the Biker Events Calendar of Humboldt County for 4 decades.

Remember, No Laughing, No Smiling

“It’s against the law to smile and a felony to laugh”
-Dirty Dave

I am that I am — No More & No Less. My Motorcycle is my the Guide on my Path. I wouldn’t trade any of my Experiences for Anything.

My 64 Pan/Shovel was shown to me long before she even existed. People, Places & Things in my Life have been shown to me also.

You cannot (at least I can’t) describe an Experience that you’ve had to anyone unless you change the Flow of the Experience to their level – & in the Change – the Experience is Lost.

Dwight Stephen Davis
A.K.A. Davey Vaspuchi Joe Duck – The Duck That Don’t Give A Fuck
A.K.A. Dirty Dave Davis
A.K.A. Dirty Dave
A.K.A. Laughing Dave
A.K.A. The Tickle Monster
A.K.A. From Behind The Redwood Curtain